False Alarm

A false alarm seizure. Thank God. A couple of days ago, I thought I was going to have my first seizure since I got my Epilepsy surgery. It never happened. I am happy. I felt that tingling sensation in my stomach that I always felt before my seizures began right before I ate my breakfast. Then, I just stared in space. Nothing more. Nothing less. I hope that tingling sensation never happens to me again. I do not want to start worrying myself to death that I might possibly have a seizure. I am trying to keep a positive mindset all the time. But… I will not continue to have seizures in my left temporal lobe anymore. It is either going to be in my frontal lobe or in rare cases, my occipital or parietal lobes. Never no more, I hope.

The real test begins when I start going back to school in the fall of this year. That is usually the most stressful time for me. School and I are like fuel to a fire. School is the fuel that intensifies my seizures. I can just imagine what it might be like to work out in this world. I will soon find out. It is still a mystery for right now. As of right now, I am still on the road to recovery. I am still having headaches but not that often. My jaw is still sore. I still sleep during the day and my energy levels are consistently up and down. But you know what, it’s worth it. I had this surgery for me. To benefit me and follow my life endeavors and I am so happy that I went through this experience.

ELIAES (Express, Love, Include, Advocate, Educate, and Support)

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