Post- Op Appointment

I had my post- op appointment with my neurosurgeon on Tuesday afternoon. For once I can say that I wasn’t nervous going to the doctor’s office. It is probably because the scary part is over… the surgery. Yay!!!! I can say I have never felt more invincible in my life. I feel like I can finally achieve my goals and wants in life. This brain surgery was the answer that I was looking for. Thank you so much Dr. Miller.

At the appointment, I got the staples taken out of my scalp. It hurt just a little bit but not too much. So that’s a plus. Wink. Wink. I was more afraid for them to take the staples out of my face. I guess the anticipation was the worst part about it. But you know what, I am happy that those staples are out. I was miserable. I am extremely glad that I can finally sleep in peace without any pain whatsoever. Afterwards, I talked to the neurosurgeon. I told him everything was going well. I haven’t had any more seizures. He told me that I will have to make an appointment to see my neurologist in one year to decrease my seizure medications. Boy, I can’t wait. I always worry that I might end up seizing again when I am taken off my medications but I have to have faith and hope for the best. Right?

I made the decision to start driving again in the spring with my driving instructor and get my driver’s license back. That’s my new year’s resolution and I hope it comes true. Nothing is more important to me than my independence.

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