Ever Wondered Why…?

Have you ever wondered why I have shared every test that I had done for my Epilepsy surgery? Well, I wanted the people out there who are contemplating any type of Epilepsy surgery, whether it is a Temporal Lobectomy, Corpus Callosotomy, or a Hemispherectomy, to know what types of tests you have to take in order to know if you are a good candidate for surgery. I am gonna tell you all right now, y’all are in for one hell of a ride. These tests will drain you physically and emotionally. That’s at least the type of effect they had on me. I was always nervous for what the next test would be like. Was the test going to hurt? How long was it going to take? Were there risks involved? My mind was filled with questions. Hopefully, everyone’s experiences with Epilepsy surgery testing are going to be different than mine. Your outcomes from surgery will be different than mine. One thing that will always stay the same is the faith that we have in our capabilities. We are going to pursue our dreams. We are going to stay strong. Lastly, we are going to be positive. Nothing will EVER get in the way of what we want to do in life.

Be proud. Be fearless. Be strong.

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