A Prayer Before Surgery

Dear God:

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to have a better life for myself. It has been a blessing to go through all of the pre- operative tests that I went through because it was definitely worth waiting five months to have my Epilepsy surgery. Throughout the past five months, you have been by my side telling me that I would be okay. You have also blessed me with a wonderful family that has supported my dream of becoming an independent woman. The surgery that I will be receiving tomorrow will possibly alter my entire life and it would allow me to live my life how I want to. I want you to know that I put my faith and hope in your hands and I hope you grant me to come out of my surgery well and with a great outcome. This Epilepsy surgery is very important to me and I know that you had me go through this for a reason… to inspire others and become a stronger person. I hope my recovery goes as smooth as possible and I hope to move on and continue to accomplish my goals. I appreciate everything that you have done for me.  


Wish me luck on my Temporal Lobectomy surgery.

I love you all.

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