“Special” MRI

I had to take another MRI today. Bring on the claustrophobia. The nurse told me that it was a “special” MRI. What’s so special about this MRI? I guess this MRI is supposed to show exactly where in my brain the dead tissue is at so they can take it out safely. Both of my parents came to the appointment with me for moral support. It was so sweet of them. Afterwards, my father and I went to breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company. That was the highlight of the day.

The MRI was nothing special. Nothing new. I went in the MRI machine and got it done in forty five minutes to an hour. The noise that the machine was making made my head hurt so badly. I found myself kind of over it. I was so ready to hop in the bed and go to sleep. I couldn’t even take anything for the headache since my surgery is on Friday and the doctors told me to stop taking pain killers and supplements ten days before my scheduled surgery date. Oh boy. That’s not good for me. But whatever. I’m going to do it because I really want and need this surgery. Anyways, the MRI technician put some contrast in me and a hospital band around my wrist. What the heck is this about? The many times that I had a MRI done, I never had to have a hospital band on or any needles stuck in my arm. This is new. I felt a slight shiver run through my body when she put the contrast inside of me. This is especially true when I was restricted from moving. I can’t wait for my surgery on Friday. This surgery could change my life forever and I can live my life the way that I want to.

I will talk to you all on Thursday.

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