Pre- Admission Test

Yesterday I went to have my pre- admission test done for my surgery at 8:15 am. Boy oh boy wasn’t I tired as hell. Y’all don’t even know. I woke up at 5:00 am. I take the longest time to get ready in my house so I decided to get up early and get myself beautified. What can I say? I’m a girl. I have to look presentable at any moment. Anyway, this appointment seemed so short to me but it wasn’t at all. I was there for two hours. At this appointment, they went over my medical history with Epilepsy, took my vitals, I had some blood drawn, the anesthesiologist took my pulse, and I even had to take a urine sample. It was rough. In addition to that, I pre- registered into the hospital before my Epilepsy surgery on December 11th. Yesterday was a very productive day. It was necessary for the surgery that I am having.

After that appointment was done, I had to go upstairs to the neurological institute and get a neuro pack which contains this liquid called Triseptin. Triseptin is used to eliminate any bacteria that could cause a skin infection. I have to bathe in this twice, the night before the surgery and the day of the surgery. I also have to use Mupirocin 2% topical ointment to eliminate a particular bacteria that is found inside of the nose twice a day five days before my surgery. Anything to prevent any unnecessary infections or diseases, right? I have to be careful not to get sick AT ALL.

The tests doesn’t end here. This is hopefully going to be the last test. That’s if they don’t bombard me with any other tests after this one. I have to take another MRI on December 9th at 8:00 am. It is supposed to be a special MRI. I don’t know if this MRI is going to localized exactly where the scar tissue is located at in my brain or what. I will definitely see about it when I get there.

I will let you know about the appointment in two weeks.

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