Neurosurgeon Appointment!!!!

Today I had my appointment with the neurosurgeon. I woke up at 4:00 am this morning nervous as heck. My stomach was in knots, twisting and turning in all different directions. It was crazy. I did not like the way I was feeling AT ALL. I guess it was all due to the fact that I was having my consultation with the neurosurgeon. During the appointment, he discussed with me the details of the Epilepsy surgery. He let me know that all of the tests that I have taken so far point to the same area of the brain, the left hemisphere. That’s good. He also had me do a routine neurological exam in which he asked me to hold my hands out with my palms up, walk across the room, and he checked my eyesight. He was amazed at how well I was doing on the eye tests. Yay!!!! He even had to show it off to his colleagues. This doctor was a trip but it was entertaining to me. I had to explain to him the symptoms that I have during my seizures and he told me that those are typical of the type of seizures that I have. There’s another plus. Wink. Wink. All was good at this appointment. He reassured me that he will be able to fit me into his schedule for the surgery as soon as he reviews the results of my visual field test.

When I left from my appointment with the neurosurgeon something told me to ask the secretary where was the eye clinic located at since I have to take a visual field test. I found out that it was not on the same floor where my neurologist’s office is located at but on the third floor. Real talk these employees at the hospital need to get their facts straight before something seriously happens. But whatever. I’m over it. I walked into the eye clinic and to find out that the secretary scheduled me for the wrong type of visual field test. I specifically said for Epilepsy surgery which means I need to see a neuro- ophthalmologist. Cue eye roll. You know? I’m getting tired of these people giving me false information and setting up the wrong appointments for me. I’m so happy that I went to the eye clinic otherwise I would have been screwed. So, I set up an appointment to see the neuro- ophthalmologist on Thursday at 1:30 pm. I’m ready to keep this moving on. I will talk to you all later. 

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