My Functional MRI

On Halloween, I had to take another pre- operative Epilepsy surgery test, a functional MRI (fMRI). A functional MRI is used to examine which parts of the brain control language, emotion, movement, sensation, and memory. It is used, in my case, for brain surgery testing.

Well, let me tell you how my fMRI went. I am definitely not new to getting a MRI done. But to me, this did not seem like your typical MRI. I decided to do a little research on what happens during a functional MRI. I believe that doing research on the types of tests you are having done is very important. You do not know what type of risks are involved and doctors just give you a vague description of the tests being done. I don’t know why I research so much. I’m just a research bug.

Anyways, my fMRI was scheduled for 11:30 am. When I got to the hospital I had to fill out some papers that asked me various questions such as whether I have had surgeries before. I had five surgeries before, three on my right hand and two on my right leg. The papers also asked if I had any allergies to medications and whether I had tattoos or not. I have five tattoos. I guess that is important to ask if someone is getting a MRI because the MRI machine can fade away the ink in the tattoo. I also had to list my seizure medications. No duh.

I was called back into the examination room where the MRI machine was located at and the MRI technician told me what was going to happen during the test. I got on the examination table and the technician placed something over my head and then I went into the MRI machine. Here comes the claustrophobia and panicking. Oh my gosh. I was feeling sick to my stomach. But I had to do it. It was necessary. During the test, the MRI technician asked me to look at the screen and to follow his directions and the directions that the screen was giving me. The test included me tapping my thumb against each one of my fingers, thinking of verbs that matched the nouns that was given, thinking of words that started with a certain letter, and listening to a story. The trick was I couldn’t say what I was thinking. Dang. That’s how I like to think. Oh well. The whole test lasted maybe one hour. The funny part of the test was that while I was listening to the story, I was falling asleep. It was a boring story for that matter. No wonder I fell asleep. When I left the hospital and got home, I threw myself onto the bed and slept for four to five hours. I was truly a tired person. Whew!!!! Glad that’s over.

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