Wada Test Day!!!! OMG

Oh my gosh!!!! I had some serious anxiety early this morning. I do not know why but whenever I get scared, anxious, or nervous about anything, I tend to feel sick to my stomach. And that is exactly what happened to me. Before I left to go to the hospital, I prayed to God that this test, future tests, and my surgery would come out exactly as planned… FANTASTIC and with GREAT results.

My mother and I left the house at 6:00 am ready to get this test on and poppin’. I got admitted into the hospital and had to sign those consent forms. I was ready to go upstairs with the EEG technician and get the electrodes on my scalp. It was not painful this time. The lady that did my EEG most definitely knew what she was doing. Plus… she was very nice and kind. I like that in a person. It makes me more comfortable around them. Anyways, I went downstairs to radiology to wait for someone to take me into the operating room to get the test started. I waited for someone maybe around thirty minutes scared out of mind. I was thinking about what they would do to me in there. Who knows? I sure enough will find out soon.

Let me give you all a glimpse of what happened… So, I went into the operating room, anxious and scared still. I was moved from a gurney to an x- ray table. The nurses, doctors, and other medical staff prepared me for the test by putting a blood pressure cuff on me and started checking my pulse. They started checking for a pulse in my upper leg too. That is where I was going to get the catheter placed in. They also took x- rays of my body and my head. It was cool seeing my x- rays on the screen. It was interesting.

The worst part is coming. The doctor started to stick the needle in my upper leg and it was the MOST horrible pain I have ever endured in my life. Oh gosh!!!! Then, he started to put the tube in my thigh. It felt horrid. The doctor probably worked on my leg for maybe twenty minutes. It’s just a guess. The memory and language section of the test took maybe twenty minutes also. When they shot the dye up my leg, I felt an intense pain on both sides of my head. It all depends on where the needle was positioned in my leg. If it was to the left, I had pain on the left side of my head. If it was on the right, the pain was on the right side of my head. I was crying so dang badly. It was rough for me. I also felt a cool sensation on the left side of my mouth followed by a burning sensation. It also happened on the right too. At one point, I lost vision in my left eye for a moment. That ain’t good.

I went back to the radiology department to recover from my procedure. I had to sit flat on my back with my leg straight out to prevent further bleeding from the wound for three hours. I went home close to 2:30 pm. This entire experience was so surreal to the point where it is unbelievable. I never imagined myself having to go through this. But it was well worth it.

At the end of the day, I found out that my memory is not near the area where my scar tissue is at in my brain and that everything went as expected. That is great news to hear. The nurse will call me to talk about the next step in a couple of days.

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