My Pre- Wada Test

Today, I had my appointment for the pre- Wada test. I was so nervous. I did not know what to expect from taking this pre- operative test. Whether it was going to be a painful experience or whether it was not going to hurt at all.

I met with my adult neurologist’s nurse and she explained to me everything that was going to happen on the actual date of the Wada test, on Wednesday morning. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. Then, I have to admit myself into the hospital and sign some consent forms stating that I agree to everything that is going to happen during the test. Once again, I have to get those EEG electrodes placed back onto my scalp. Wow!!!! More pain for me. But I am gonna boss up and bitch down. I have to have that type of mentality for what I am going through this year. I have to stay strong. I cannot be scared.

The nurse also explained to me that the test will be taken in an actual operating room. I will have to be in a hospital gown during the entire test. When the test begins, a needle and a tube will be inserted into my groin into both of my femoral arteries, one at a time. There will be one going to the left femoral artery. A dye will be inserted to shut down the left hemisphere of my brain. During this time, I will be shown different words and pictures and I will have to memorize them. Later on, the nurse and doctor will leave the room while I rest for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, they will come back in and test me on what I just saw previously. After that is completed, they will take the tube and the needle and insert it into my right femoral artery and put in the dye. This will shut down the right hemisphere of my brain. The same tests will be administered over again. It will be as simple as that. Right?

The entire test takes around sixty to ninety minutes. Afterwards, I will be in a recovery room. I cannot do any strenuous activities such as jogging for a long while until a couple days later. I will have to meet with my neurologist and the neurosurgeon to discuss when I will go into the hospital to have the depth electrodes placed on my scalp. I was told that I will have to stay in the hospital for seven to ten days. I know very well I am going to be miserable in there. Then from there, my neurosurgeon will set the date for the surgery.

I will talk to you all when the Wada test is done and completed.

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