Medical Negligence And Cerebral Palsy

I was offered an opportunity from someone at Asons Solicitors Law Firm to spread more awareness about Cerebral Palsy and medical negligence. The person saw how I was sharing my personal experiences with Cerebral Palsy and decided to hit me up. I thought that it was a wonderful idea so I took it. Here is a little information for you. Medical negligence is a serious problem especially if it results in a medical condition that could have easily been prevented. Cerebral Palsy is one medical condition that can result from medical negligence. As you already know Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that results in a person having trouble moving his or her limbs properly. There are many things that can go wrong at the time of birth such as wrongfully administering drugs during labor, giving out the wrong tests during pregnancy, and improper use of medical equipment that starves the baby of oxygen. This medical condition may not seem serious but it is. If the brain damage is severe enough and causes other problems to arise, the baby can die. Talk to your family and friends about medical negligence and Cerebral Palsy and let them know how serious this is.

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