My Nephew… I Love Him So Much!!!!

Two days after I was discharged from the hospital, I agreed to babysit my oldest nephew, who is 11 years old. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea since I was sick earlier that day. I missed my nephew. I haven’t seen him in a while and I wanted to hear all of the silly and goofy things that has been happening in his life. He is a character. He will have you rolling on the floor dying and crying your eyes out. I LOVE HIM!!!! My nephew is a very smart and understanding boy and I happen to respect that about him. He’s cool people.

I had a serious sit down with him about the situation with my health and surprisingly enough I was comfortable talking to him about it. He has been in my life for almost twelve years. That’s my boy! I asked him what he thought about me getting surgery on my brain. He responded to me that he doesn’t like to think about me having to go through brain surgery and don’t want me to go through with it. I asked him does he want my seizures to get better or completely go away because the medications that I am taking doesn’t seem to be working for a long amount time. Then, he said that if that is the case then you can go through with it and I will support you on that. He has seen his aunt at her worst. He has seen me have a seizure before and has seen me in the hospital because of my seizures. He loves me throughout it all. I can always count on him to tell my mother that Auntie is seizing. That conversation right there shows me that he is mature enough to understand his aunt has a serious medical condition that needs serious attention. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DOM DOM!!!!

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