The Meaning Behind It All

There are many reasons why I wanted to start my own blog. To me, it will be kind of like an outlet for me to share my accomplishments, my downfalls, my struggles, and what is happening in my life. I joined support groups in order to help people who are struggling to deal with issues that are causing them to think so badly of themselves. I would like this blog to be the place in which people can feel some sort of comfort and to understand that they are not alone in the world. You will not believe how many people are suffering from depression, loneliness, low self- esteem, Epilepsy and has trouble accepting it, and some of them are even considering suicide. It breaks my heart to see what is happening. I have become a friend to a young boy who has been bullied in his life due to his name. It was truly sad. I give this boy advice on how to deal with people in the world and he really looks up to me as an individual. I like that. My main goal is to make a difference in the lives of other people. I want to be able to change the way people think and bring more positive energy into their lives. Hopefully, my positive outlook on life and my story will inspire others to live a carefree and beautiful life.

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