The Countdown!!!!

As you already know, I was in the hospital from July 3, 2013 to July 8, 2013 for pre- operative testing for Epilepsy surgery. It was the WORST hospital stay of my life. Before I went into the hospital, I had packed my bags two weeks ahead of time. I know I was a little anxious, right? I couldn’t help it. I was excited to get the process moving. So as soon as July 3rd came, I walked out of the door ready for anything, and I was. I walked into the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at 10:00 am that day, got my electrodes placed on my head, and got comfortable in my hospital bed.

I was in the hospital from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday until I finally had my first seizure that Saturday morning at 5:00 am. It scared me out of my mind. I did not know what was happening. “Why were all of these people in my room?” I just found out that I was having a seizure. The doctors and nurses started interviewing me and I couldn’t say anything. It was like someone pressed the mute button. I was in an out of body experience. I was feeling dizzy, the room was spinning, I was feeling fear for no reason at all, and I was seeing a yellow flashing light in my right eye. Sounds familiar. That’s what happens in my seizures most of the time. Well, throughout the day I had four more seizures and they came at me so hard to the point where I was SUPER overwhelmed. I was feeling sick to my stomach. After my third, fourth, and fifth seizure, I began to throw up. YUCK!!!! Could it get any worse than that? I did not even know that I vomited after my third seizure. My mother told me I did. I was like, “WHAT?” By the end of the day, I threw up six more times. I couldn’t keep anything down except ginger ale, applesauce, soup, and water.

The next morning was kind of good SO FAR until I started seizing again. This time, at 8:00 am. My head was on fire. I felt like I was severely overheating. It was CRAZY!!!! I needed pain medication quickly and when I got it, it act like it didn’t want to work. “What was the point of taking it anyway if it wasn’t going to work?” I was on frustration plantation. I was in a miserable point in my life. I had two more seizures that day. “Okay. That’s cool. No more after that.” The doctors came in and told me that they had to put sphenoidal electrodes inside of my head. Might I tell you that it is the most painful experience in the world? I had to go through it before when I was in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit two years ago and the nurses were sticking the needle right in my bone. I was crying and screaming but I got through it. This time around, it was not so painful. The doctors completed it without me having that much pain.

The doctors started me back on my medication that night and told me that I will get out of the hospital either on July 8th or July 9th if all goes well. I didn’t have any more seizures so I was discharged from the hospital on July 8th. I was happy. I was jumping for joy and dancing all around the room. JUST PLAYING!!!! But I was excited to go home. I was tired of being locked up in the hospital like a caged bird. I had many visitors while I was in the hospital and that is what made me feel special. I loved it!

Now, I am counting down the days until I go see my neurologist to go over the results of my video EEG and the rest of my test results. I hope all is well.

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